Troubleshooting: Frequent support issues


Windows 10 compatibility

Our software products are basically Windows 10 compatible. However, Windows 10 changed locations for some data, so when our software is installed on Windows 7 or Windows 8 and then the system is updated to Windows 10, the registration data are lost. The fix is simple: Please reinstall our software after the update to Windows 10.

If you install our software after the update to Windows 10, the registration works as expected and there are no known compatibility issues.

Installer (application) does not recognize my serial number

If you have used the serial number for download, it is valid and it should work in the installer. Especially when you copy & paste the serial from email message, there could be an invisible character (space, line feed etc.) copied with the numbers. Please delete the space following the serial if it is not recognized.

May I install your products both to the Mac and PC?

Yes, use the same serial number. Our software is licensed to a customer, not to a machine.


Mac: The application says it requires an aggregate device. What does it mean?

Some Apple computers (MacBook Pro, iMac) have different audio interfaces for input and for output. Our standalone applications require an audio interface with both the input and output.

Please open the Application Folder, then open Utilities in it. There is a utility called Audio MIDI Setup. Open it and in the Audio window, click "+" at the bottom left. Select Create Aggregate Device and check the desired input and output, normally line input and line output. Then launch our application and select this aggregate device in ampLion.

This setting is required only if you attempt to use the internal audio system of a computer. This is not recommended for electric guitar or bass. Connecting it to the line in plug in the laptop, the sound is damaged, missing higher frequencies. Electric guitars require higher input impedance and it is much better to connect it using an external interface with so called "Hi Z" or "Instrument" input, sometimes a symbol of electric guitar shows the presence of this type of input.

Windows PC: The application requires ASIO drivers. What does it mean?

The default audio support in Windows PC does not guarantee low latency (the delay between input and output). This is the reason why almost all audio interfaces for musicians are delivered with ASIO drivers, an industry standard by Steinberg. As all our applications require low latency, they use ASIO drivers which must be selected in the Audio pane of the Preferences window.

If you have an audio interface without ASIO drivers, the interface is not recommended for live music, however, there is a workaround: Download an universal ASIO driver ASIO4ALL from


I am trying to download a SW product and the web site alerts me that I have exceeded the download count.

There is a limit of 10 or 25 downloads for each version of each product. Normally, it is far enough to download the installer. However, some download managers and browser extensions open several download threads of one file and it could exceed the limit. Write to our support if this happened.


I received confirmation that I purchased a software product and no serial number.

The serial number is sent in a separate email, please check your junk mail if you haven't received it. Possibly write to our support, we will send the SN from a different address.

I cannot use the email address registered for AUDIFFEX software download in the login form of the AUDIFIED web shop.

There are two different things:

Why do I need serial numbers for your free products?

Our free effects and applications are not demo versions. They are fully working with no time limit and they are protected just like our other products. Please purchase the serial in our web shop and the price will be zero, so you don't have to pay.