U73b Compressor

The U73b Compressor is iLok protected. Please make sure you have the latest version of the iLok License Manager installed and that you have an iLok account. This is necessary for both trial and full versions.

For the trial version, you do not need any serial number. Please refer to this activation guide.

  • External sidechaining ability implemented for VST3, AU and AAX plug-in format.
  • Oversampling switch parameter added.
  • Automatic Output volume function added.
  • Calibration parameter range extended, now with the possibility of setting the default value used for every newly inserted U73b Compressor plug-in.
  • Algorithms performance and stability improved.
  • Major GUI update with Retina support. The GUI language is switchable between German and English, display color is adjustable with ability to be set by DAW so it corresponds to the track color.
  • System requirements changed to:
    • OSX 10.9.5 (Mavericks) and newer,
    • Windows 7 and newer.
  • RTAS plug-in format support dropped.
  • Note: As there are several new parameters and abilities added to the plug-in, please check the parameter settings when using the new version in existing projects stored with the older U73b Compressor plug-in version.
Windows 7 - Windows 10
AAX 32b, AAX 64b, VST2 32b, VST2 64b, VST3 32b, VST3 64b
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