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Apply for a student discount

Since this discount is quite remarkable, you perhaps understand we need a little proof. To get your personal discount code, please fill this form below. The application is verified manually, so please be patient. Student discount on software is valid until the end of 2020. After you receive it, you may use it for every shopping at checkout.

Apply for a school/teacher discount

We understand schools need multiple licenses of every software and getting those can be quite difficult. Please give us a proof that you are a licensed learning facility or teacher (by filling in the form below) and we will fill your needs. School/teacher discount vouchers on software are valid until the end of 2020.

How to prove that you are a teacher or a student?

Send us anything what is convenient:
  • A link to a page where you are listed (faculty/department contacts page...)
  • Any other link where you are listed as a teacher or a student of some school
  • A link to any other online material, such as article, where your connection to the school is visible
  • A scanned copy of you student or teacher ID
  • A message from an address on a school domain with your position shortly described

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