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Activation/try iLok appears periodically in DAW on Mac OS X

Once the trial has expired, the DAW startup plug-in scan would cause activation dialog to appear when the plug-in is being scanned and no license was found. To avoid this, please use the uninstaller (available in the dmg) to uninstall all the plugins from your OS X. You can also remove the files manually if you want to, please find and delete these files:

/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/Audified MixChecker.component
/Library/Application Support/Avid/Audio/Plug-Ins/Audified MixChecker.aaxplugin

My activation code can not be used anymore

Q: I wanted to use the activation code on another machine but I am getting error message - "The code can not be used, no redemptions available". What is wrong?

A: Activation code can only be redeemed once. Using it, you'll get the licenses associated with this activation code to your iLok account. It is then up to you to manage your licenses using iLok License Manager. If you need to move the license to another location, just deactivate the license from the old location and then activate it to the new one.

Cubase/Nuendo blacklists the plugin after startup plug-in scan saying "32b plugins are no longer supported"

Steinberg's startup plug-in scan used on Win platform could find the plugin 32bit although it is not and blacklisted it. The trouble was caused in PACE iLok protection. Please update to iLok license manager 5.1.1 or newer.

How can I activate trial license or redeem the activation code for your iLok protected plug-ins on an offline computer?

Both trial license activation and activation code redeeming requires internet connection to PACE servers. So considering an offline machine, you can try one of these approaches:

  • Put your offline machine to online for a while just to get iLok License Manager SW and activate the license.
  • If you have iLok USB dongle, you can use some other online machine to get the license to iLok dongle. Once you have installed iLok License Manager on the offline machine, with this iLok dongle connected, the SW will be licensed and work as expected.


Cubase/Nuendo on Win platform hangs on startup scan after installing your iLok protected product

We have experienced this weird behaviour in Cubase 9.5 and newer on Win platform with combination with our iLok protected plug-ins released after Dec 2018.PACE has confirmed this is a bug in their protection stuff.

How to fix: Please update iLok License Manager application to version 5.0.2 or newer.

Broken iLok

If you find your iLok broken or non-functional, please follow  PACE support website.

Lost or stolen iLok dongle

Once you are absolutely sure your iLok is lost or stolen, please report it to PACE using this link. Reporting an iLok as lost or stolen is irreversible. Once the RMA is created, there are two ways of getting the licenses back:

  • iLok have Zero Downtime Coverage with Theft&Loss Coverage enabled - PACE will replace licenses last seen on the iLok by their server. It could take up to 2-3 business days till you have the licenses deposited to your iLok account.
  • No ZDT and Theft&Loss Coverage - once you create the RMA, your iLok's licenses publishers are notified but you should also contact each of them and ask for license replacement. So please make sure to open a support ticket to get your licenses back as soon as possible.


For more general info about lost or stolen iLok, please see PACE support website.

My trial license has expired and I can't activate it again even on a different computer

That is the trial license principle. Only one trial license per product can be activated to one iLok account.

If you feel you'd need more time to try out the product, just ask us using the support ticket system. We'll find the solution...

What do I really need to run the trial version of your products?

Considering one of our PACE (iLok) protected products, you need to:

  • have a valid iLok account registered at,
  • install the latest version of iLok License Manager,
  • install the product using installer you've got after kicking "Try for free" button or at the downloads page.

Once the product is installed, just run your DAW and follow the dialogs to activate your trial license. You can find detailed description of this process here.

I am getting weird system errors during startup DAW plug-ins scan

iLok protected plug-ins don't pass startup plug-in scan in my DAW. I am getting weird errors such as "Can't load protection component, OS error 0x05.".

Solution : please make sure you run the DAW with admin privileges.

I have redeemed the activation code and activated license to my location but my DAW can't find the plug-in

Please make sure you've also installed the product. Activating the license to iLok/host location only means that you are allowed to run the SW on the PC/Mac but you still have to install it.

You can find installers of all our products here.

Once the product is properly installed and corresponding license activated, the DAW should find the plug-in during the next startup plug-in scan (depends on DAW, you may force the rescan manually in some DAWs).

I've reinstalled your product to my new PC but I get message I've reached the limit when trying to use the activation code

Activation code we've sent you when you bought the product is a one-time code that can only be used once. Once it is redeemed, you receive proper licenses to your iLok account. It is then up to you to manage the licenses usind iLok License Manager.

Considering the situation you have a new PC, you should use iLok License Manager on the old PC to deactivate all licenses back to your account and then reactivate them on the new PC.

In the case you can't access the old PC and deactivate the licenses, please contact us and we'll process license location reset.

I've lost access to licenses activated to my host machine after my PC/Mac crashed

You can loose access to your host machine (containing licenses) due to several reasons:

  • HW failure,
  • HW update - updating your PC/Mac could sometimes cause creating a new location with the same name. Former location becomes unaccessible.
  • Reinstalling your OS after crash.

Solution: Contact us using support ticket, state your iLok account ID and location name or location ID (you can find it in iLok License manager). We'll then create location reset request which will bring all your Audified's products related licenses back to your account so you can use iLok License Manager to reactivate them to another location.

iLok product activation

If you have an older operating system such as OS X 10.7 or Windows 7 and below, there are only legacy versions of iLok license manager. You need to have the latest version of iLok license manager to proper function.

The older iLok licesne manager has some problem with showing the "activate trial license" dialog and it only asks you to update. But as far as there is no newer version for OSX 10.7 or Windows 7, one can not activate it on this system. Common workaround is to activate it in some newer OSX or in Win.

iLok hardware dongle

The iLok manager and protection really works without the iLok hardware. You may assign the license to a computer where no iLok dongle is connected, but the software called "iLok License manager" must be installed. I understand the name of the manager may be confusing but this is a third party solution and we cannot change it. Many of other copy protection systems work the same way, you need a license manager, you need an account, but you don't need any HW dongle.

iLok product activation code problem

After purchasing the product you have received the redeem code which you need to activate the full license. After installation is recomended to force your DAW to rescan all plugins. Upon this action should appear iLok manager window asking for activation code. Detailed guide how to activate full or trial license is here. There are basic steps to activate full or trial versions of iLok licensed product. If you are still facing the issue, please contact our technical support.

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