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I am having trouble making SpeakUp work in Final Cut Pro. What can I do?

SpeakUp is not guaranteed to work in Final Cut Pro. This editing software shows very non-standard behavior when processing audio with audio plug-ins.

These are main issues with Final Cut Pro:

  • Final Cut Pro is known to create unexpectedly large amount of uncontrollable plug-in instances. This behavior can be stopped or reduced by disabling "Audio Skimming" (Option-Command-S) and "Background Rendering" (in Preferences → Playback) in Final Cut Pro.
  • Final Cut Pro is not a DAW and it does not use typical DAW paradigm with tracks, mixer and automation. It only has clips and keyframes.

Refering to SpeakUp manual, using offline render with real-time SpeakUp ducking is not guaranteed to work in all hosts, because we cannot control what are hosts doing during rendering (e.g. parallel processing with tracks not being in sync). This also applies to Final Cut Pro.

In standard DAWs (and also in Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas), that process can be replaced with recording automation curve in real-time, saving it, removing all Sensors and then using Performer plug-in in Automation mode. This setup is not valid in Final Cut Pro though, due to its lack of true automation implementation.

Plug-in doesn't open its GUI in ProTools 10 on OSX 10.9

Please note that as ProTools 10 is not officially supported in OSX 10.9.5 and newer, Audified's plug-ins requiring at least OSX 10.9.5 are not tested in ProTools 10 and so far we can not guarantee compatibility with this quite old 32b DAW. According to our findings, the DSP works as expected but there is some compatibility issue blocking UI from opening so one can only see blank UI in ProTools 10.

For more info about ProTools requirements, please see this

Studio One 4 doesn't find the plug-in, I am not able to start the trial period

I can't even start trial period or use licensed iLok protected products in Studio One 4. It doesn't show the start trial period dialog and doesn't list the plug-in in available effects.


  • First of all make sure you have the latest iLok License Manager installed and your OS has all latest updates. Restart is usually required after installing iLok License Manager.
  • Go to StudioOne Options->Locations->VST Plug-Ins and click Reset Blacklist. Make sure Scan at startup option is checked.
  • Restart StudioOne. Startup plug-in scan should now find the plugin and probably show the trial license activation dialog.
  • If not, there could be the last rare cause. You have to manually edit or delete Plugins-en.settings file, please see this link for more info.

Does your U73b Compressor license also enable Slate's VMR module and vice versa?

No. Slate's licensing model (subscription) is not compatible with Audified's (perpetual) licensing and we also cannot resell each other's licenses. This means Audified's plug-ins and VMR module are absolutely independent products and each of them runs with its specific iLok license.

DW Drum Enhancer shows "Copy Protection Error! Plug-in is disabled." splash

If you see a splash informing about "Copy protection error! Plug-in is disabled." after the plug-in is inserted to DAW, please check these:

  • You have the latest iLok License Manager installed. At least version 3.1.7 is required.
  • In some cases there could be a different trouble even while having the latest iLok License Manager installed. One of our customers reported VST2 plug-in format disfunction while all other formats worked as expected. The trouble was caused by special character in custom VST2 plug-ins folder path. This makes the PACE stuff to fail the verification. So please check the full plug-in path in the case you see this error splash. Note: This might be Windows specific problem.


Antivirus detected malware infection

We are sure our installers are virus free. The problem is caused by digital signature in certificate embedded in our products. All the files on our website are being scanned before we place them for download. You do not have to be afraid about using our software at all.

There is no standalone application for AmpLion 2 Rock Essentials

AmpLion 2 Rock Essentials doesn't have a dedicated stand alone app.

But, we are giving our legendary inTone Pro app ($99 value) for free automatically to every AmpLion 2 Rock Essentials purchase.

With inTone Pro you can load AmpLion 2 Rock Essentials and any other (even 3rd party) plugin, inTone has several extra pedal plugins included and also there is a recorder, track-player and full MIDI control available within the app.

How can I uninstall your product?

Depending on your operation system:

  • OSX: please find the Uninstaller app in the dmg file and run it. You'll be asked for admin privileges just like during the installation.
  • Win: please use standard mechanism available in Control panels ore just simply run corresponding uninstaller that you can find in Start menu.

Older version of STA Delay

Are you looking for older version of STA Delay (1.x.x)?

Unfortunately this product was sold as past of whole STA bundle in version 1.x.x. In version 2.x.x we made it standalone product. We have to apologize for the inconvenicence. But there is no installer of STA Dealy version 1.x.x

GK amplification Standard cannot find the license

We would strongly recommend getting the LE version which replaced the former Standard version that was discontinued. You can get the LE version for free here.

Final Cut Pro doesn't see the plug-in and/or showsh "Incompatible Audio Unit Found" error

Final Cut Pro could have a trouble with the first scan of iLok protected plug-ins run with trial license. In this case, it could blacklist them and it doesn't show them in its plug-in list.

It usually helps to make it rescan plug-ins with valid license activated. To do this, please follow these steps:

  • Please make sure you have a valid license (trial or perpetual) activated to your iLok/machine location.
  • Go To ~Library->Preferences and move this file to the trash:
    (Click GO from the Finder Menu Bar and hold OPTION to reveal the user's Library)
  • Restart the computer.
  • Empty the trash and re-launch Final Cut Pro X.

It should now find the plug-in as expected.

Standalone application doesn't work on macOS 10.13 or newer

An issue in standalone applications occured with macOS 10.13 High Sierra. The problem is caused by changes in AU handling in OSX. We've updated all affected products and even made them compatible with macOS 10.14 Mojave Beta.

Please make sure to update to the latest version where this trouble is fixed:

  • GK Amplification 2 (Pro/LE/Demo): 2.2.2,
  • ampLion 1.1 (Pro/Demo): 1.1.4,
  • ampLion Free: 1.3.0.


ampLion will not load no Mac OS X

Please note the first startup scan after ampLion was installed could cause longer as it scans some additional files. Everything should be ok if the Daw doesn't crash. If you still have troubles with your DAW, please use the uninstaller to remove the plugins so you can use DAW as usual. You can also remove the plugin files manually, /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST2 (VST3)/Audiffex/ampLion 1.1 Demo.*.

TNT Voice Executor no sound problem

There are various subeffects controlled by the selected preset, there could be some reasons to:

  • no sound at the output - please check if GATE is activated. In this case, make sure the calibration of the plugin is set to proper value to the input signal goes over the GATE threshold. (services menu, Set Calibraion imte). You can also use the Input volume knob to boost the input signal.
  • some sound at the output after the input ends - that could be caused by the delay effect.

AudioUnit plug-in is not available in Apple DAWs on Mac OS X 10.13

On OS X 10.13 (High Sierra), Apple DAWs (Logic, GarageBand, AUval) don't find newly installed AudioUnit plug-ins until you log out and log in or simply restart your Mac.

For more info, please read this Apple support post.

License not found after install on Mac

Some OS X users can experience this error message after installation.

"Can not find the license information for your product. Try reinstalling the your product. If this does not help, please visit our support at"

When you received this error message, please follow these steps:

  1. Restart your machine.
  2. Check the contents of the file stored here: /Library/Preferences/com.audified."yourProductName". There are two possible situations.
    1. File is missing - Than please reinstall the product with admin permissions.
    2. File is there - You can check if last for digits from your serial number matches the number in this file. If not, you entered wrong serial number in installation process. Please reinstall the product.
  3. If it does not help, please create a new support ticket by clicking the "No, open support ticket" button at the bottom of the page

Plug-in doesn't work after upgrade to Windows 10

Our software products are basically Windows 10 compatible. However, Windows 10 changed locations for some data, so when our software was installed on Windows 7 or Windows 8 and then the system was updated to Windows 10, the registration data are lost. The fix is simple: Please reinstall our software after the update to Windows 10.

If you install our software after the update to Windows 10, the registration works as expected and there are no known compatibility issues.

Plug-in is not listed in DAW

Please make sure you've successfully installed the product. You can also check that the plug-in file is installed in folder which is scanned by DAW. Folder path is specified in installer.
Otherwise add the specific path to your DAW. Force your DAW to rescan all plug-ins. You can refer to this guides how to rescan plug-ins in Cubase, ProTools, Reaper
Please note ProTools 10 is not supported at OS X 10.9.5. Most of our products has fixed some issues for this configuration, but we are not responsible for officialy unsupported software.

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