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License not visible in Audified account

Did you buy some of our products and this license (serial number / iLok activation code) is not listed in your customer account?

This issue appears when you buy our product from third party distributor. There is no way how to detect these remote orders. Anyway we added functionality in customer account how to add these serial numbers manually.

To add new license to your web account at just:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click to link under header which says to add the license manually
  3. Choose the product you bought a paste the serial number / iLok redeem code
  4. And that is it. You should now be able to see new row added in your license list.

License transfer

To transfer a license for a product protected by serial number, open a ticket here, use the category "Serial number" and let us know: - Your e-mail address - The email address of the new owner - The transferred serial number

Installer (application) does not recognize my serial number

If you have used the serial number for download, it is valid and it should work in the installer. Especially when you copy & paste the serial from email message, there could be an invisible character (space, line feed etc.) copied with the numbers. Please delete the space following the serial if it is not recognized.

Exceeded the download limit

There is a limit of 25 downloads for each version of each product. Normally, it is far enough to download the installer. However, some download managers and browser extensions open several download threads of one file and it could exceed the limit.

Please fill in the affected serial number.

Not received the serial number

The serial numbers are sent in a separate email, please check your junk or spam in mail if you haven't received it. It may also take up to one hour, so try to check again.

If you are still missing the serial number, please open the support ticket below. We will send the SN from a different address.

Lost my serial number

If you lost your serial number we will send it back to you. Please just open support ticket below and fill all the information so we can find your license. Also please attach the invoice from purchase of this product.

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