I am having trouble making SpeakUp work in Final Cut Pro. What can I do?

SpeakUp is not guaranteed to work in Final Cut Pro. This editing software shows very non-standard behavior when processing audio with audio plug-ins.

These are main issues with Final Cut Pro:

  • Final Cut Pro is known to create unexpectedly large amount of uncontrollable plug-in instances. This behavior can be stopped or reduced by disabling "Audio Skimming" (Option-Command-S) and "Background Rendering" (in Preferences → Playback) in Final Cut Pro.
  • Final Cut Pro is not a DAW and it does not use typical DAW paradigm with tracks, mixer and automation. It only has clips and keyframes.

Refering to SpeakUp manual, using offline render with real-time SpeakUp ducking is not guaranteed to work in all hosts, because we cannot control what are hosts doing during rendering (e.g. parallel processing with tracks not being in sync). This also applies to Final Cut Pro.

In standard DAWs (and also in Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas), that process can be replaced with recording automation curve in real-time, saving it, removing all Sensors and then using Performer plug-in in Automation mode. This setup is not valid in Final Cut Pro though, due to its lack of true automation implementation.

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